Probleme bei Erwerb der ProVersion

Ich würde gerne die ProVersion kaufen, wähle diese auch aus, werde wunschgemäß nach PayPal weitergeleitet, bestätige dort die Zahlung und erhalte dann eine Fehlermeldung vom Dienstleister, dass der Warenkorb leer sei.
Wo liegt der Fehler?
Hat jemand diesen Fehler ebenfalls und kennt eine Lösung?

If you are having an issue with that, it might be better for you to write to eM Client directly. You could try

Since I only speak/write/read in one language, English, is there some place in this new software that allows translation?


If you mean in eM Client, you will be offered the option to translate if a majority of the text in a message is in another language.

This is a Pro License feature, so in the Free License version, you will be restricted to the number of translations you can do.

If you mean on this website, then there are extensions you can use in your browser to translate pages or highlighted sections.

I was referring to the FORUM software… browser extension surely is an option… was hoping it was an option that I may have missed :wink:

P.S. I do have the PRO Em CLient and the translate function of Em Client has spoiled me.

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I think there is a plugin they can install on the server, but that costs extra.

Me too. :wink:

Besten Dank. Es ist jetzt alles ok.