New update won’t let me send emails, but work offline only.
I use free version, and have only just 2 mailboxes.After the last update, I can no longer access my mailboxes.

Version: 6.0.23181.0

I have the same issue

Same here.

go to eM Client and get a new free account licence

I saw on another query a response to use the old activation key. When I installed the free version I never received a key to the best of my recollection. I have one I use on another machine but not for this one. How/where do I find it?

last item on drop down menu under pricing

Thanks got it

I have the same problem with new update, won’t let me send emails out and get the same message about the valid license. I also use the free version and never received a key. How do I fix it?  I’m not very technologically software inclined.  

Charmaine go here, fill out the registration form, cut the licence key, and go the help menu in the em client program, click on licence, click activate, paste the key into the dialog box, hit enter, you’re done

Hello, we had a temporary server downtime over the last couple of hours, can you please try to re-activate using your activation key if the issue persists? Server should be up and running at the moment, so I hope this issue is no longer present.


Do free license keys actually get sent out? I’ve tried asking for one - twice - last night, and it hasn’t arrived in the webmail interface I’m forced to use. Checked spam traps, whitelisted emclient domain, and so on. When do they arrive? 

Hello Joel, your free license key should be sent to you within few minutes of the registration unless there’s an error thrown or unless you’ve already registered a license for the application.

Is there any error thrown? Our server had an unexpected downtime last night, which I believe may have caused this issue, try to register for a Free license again on our site.


I had the same issue and was using the trial version (with plenty of time left on the trial).  After the upgrade it required a license (which I don’t have).  If I go and pull the “free license” so I can send out my emails, it limits me to only 2 of the email addresses.  You might want to change the update info to warn people that their email is going to crash if they opt for this update.

All systems were go, Paul. The license email did arrive, about 40 minutes later than expected.

Glad it works, make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.