Problem with the view, " private appointment" of shared calendars

My company uses Office 365’s email exchange server. We are using “delegation” to share our calendars but when i am posting an appointment my coworkers, who are using eM, see the post as " private appointment" even if i did not checked the box, private. So every time i am posting i have to first check it as private, and after i saved the meeting i have to uncheck the private. After that they can see full details of my post. please what to do to avoid that extra work??

Hello Dimitris,
thank you for pointing this issue out, I’ve managed to replicate this issue now and I brought it to attention to our programmers, so hopefully a fix will be on it’s way soon. Sadly you’ll need to use that work-around until then.

Best regards,

I’d like to use it in my company as well. test running on 2 systems with office 365 as mail provider.
On my setup no private appointment, on the other setup 2 private appointments.

The appointment was made in the online version.

Both systems have full access rights to the agenda. 

Any possible fix?