Problem with the functions of Perform Archiving, (Manual) Sudden&Looong Freezes and Synchronizing Message Flag Folder Error

Hello eM Community. 

Hope this message finds all you well. 

I have been trying to use the eM function of Manual Archiving to store previous mails locally to get server work faster and get more free space. 
However, whenever I try to start it manually (this one is the third try ), I got the following error message and the client crashes and shuts itself down.
Also, the client often freezes and waits me wait to read, reply or etc. any mail. 
The last issue is about the synchronizing the Flagged folder. It keeps loading for the last 12 hours.
It will be highly appreciated should anyone - experienced and solved problems like - advise me on this issue.

Cihan Celik

You did not say what the error message is, but sometimes re-installing the application can help. First uninstall eM Client, then you can download and install the latest version of eM Client from the Release History.

Thanks a lot, Gary. Will give a try.