Problem with t-online account

i use emclient for my two accounts but suddenly one of my accounts (the one at t-online) doesn ́t work anymore.
The same problem on PC an Laptop.
When trying to login emclient shows a window with Password required.
I ́m absolutely shure to have the right one, becaus i can login with it via Webmail!

I tried a new setup of email client, ssl and normal login its always the same.

My other account which is not t-online is working fine.

So tried it with Thunderbird and it works!

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

try to open your account settings and fill in the password once again. If it will not help, go to the tab Diagnostics and press the Diagnose button. Then let me know how it works.

I tried this password with typing and copy and paste from a document. I ́m sure its the right one, the same copy works on webmailer and thunderbird.
Diagnose butten fails. Tried it on both PC and Laptop!
Things I tried : on port 995 on port 110

Send me a screenshot of the error message along with your IMAP logs (Tools - Settings - Logging). Turn on logging, try to simulate the issue and send me the log using the same logging settings window. My address is [email protected]
Thank you

Hi George,

thanks for your help.
I change the Email-password at t-online to more safer one and now it works fine!
Maybe there was something wrong with the account.

Thanks again !