problem with sync email folders

How do I get eM Client (latest version 7.1.32716.0) to NOT sync when it opens.  I only use email, not contacts and not calendar.  I’ve managed to remove the contacts and calendar, but the program does a sync to my email every time I start it.  Can I stop this and sync only when I want to?ThanksWally

You can disable sync on start in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization. As far as I know this only affects the account if it is setup as POP3.

You can’t turn off syncing for IMAP, but you may be able to keep the application offline and only turn it online when you want to sync. You will find that option in Menu > File > Work offline. Maybe someone can comment further about the offline option as I do not use it.

Hi GaryThanks for your reply and I’m sorry I took so long to reply to you.
I’ve done some experimenting and find that although I can turn off the sync at startup, it goes back on when I do a manual sync (Refresh).  I’ve given up and will put up with the sync.  It affects my work very little so I’ll live with it.  Thanks, Wally