Problem with shutting down mailclient.exe

Mailclient.exe does not shutdown when I shut down the program. So I can not start up the program later, only when I manually shut down the mailclient.exe.
I use Windows 7 64bit and eM Client 3.5.12280

would you mind to create memory dump and send it to us so we can analyze the problem and try to fix it? The dump tool can be found on . It should generate a log file (starting with “eM Client Stack” in your Documents folder). Please send us the file to [email protected]

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George Wilson

What’s the status on this problem? I recently started using eM Client 6, and I have the same problem. The MailCient.exe process almost never closes when I try to shut eM Client down.

I’ve noticed that there’s almost never any resolution to the problems posted on these forums. Do you actually investigate and attempt to repair bugs, or do you just make excuses and ignore them?

Hi Michael,

If you see the change log of eM Client when installing a new version, you will see that bug fixes are done on a regular basis…and most of them related to questions on this forum.

Sadly, eM Client is not showing this change log on their website…if they would, then you can always get a view / indication of how eM Client is progressing.

Hi Michael,

Which exact version of eM Client are you using and which operating system?

It’s version 6.0.19861.0, and I’m running it on XP SP3 with all subsequent updates.

I apologize for the tone of my comment. I was primarily reacting to my frustration with the way rules are implemented and how much trouble I’m having getting them to work correctly (or at all). I noticed that there are quite a few complaints of the same or very similar problems going back years.

Issues has usually different causes, not very often there is available one universal solution.


Hi, after your eM client will not be shut down properly again use this tool and send me file it will create to [email protected] together with this topic’s url.


Hi Mike,

I can understand your tone if you are frustrated :slight_smile:

I’m not using ‘rules’ so I don’t have experience with them and can not help you with that… :frowning:

I get the feeling that ‘shutdown’ errors seem to happen mostly on Windows XP machines…

Do you also have the latest version of Microsoft .NET 2 installed?

Yes, good question, do you have… latest service pack for .net 2?


Hope this isn’t too long ago, but I just started having the same issue. Windows 8.1 totally up to date. Also latest version 6 client. I was noticing that I kept getting the checking database every time computer started. But also when having another issue, I realized that I couldn’t re-start em Client after it locked up. I assume there are some database clean up processes going on in the background but it appears they never complete? I am mostly worried that the database isn’t getting successfully closed and that will result in some actual corruption at some point.

@George Wilson, I have sent you the stack dump on another thread, so I don’t want to clog up the system sending again. But this is kind of a problem now in and of itself. The client just won’t completely shut down. I have re-installed a couple of times, same behavior post install.

Hi again Eric, can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced, and turn on “Database” logging? Save the settings and wait for the issue to reoccur, when it does, please go back to the advanced settings window and click on send logs and send the logs to my email [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic.
Did you send me the stack dump you’ve mentioned?

Thank you,

I did send it, but just sent a new one.

Hi again, thank you for the received data, I have forwarded it to the developers for more information. Have you also enabled the “database” logging? Did you manage to send that log to me, since I have not received it included in your last email?

Thank you,

I did.  I also did a full dump, but it is too big to e-mail.  I need to figure out where the logging files are kept.  I am back in the loop where it locks up as soon as it starts so I can’t find where the files are.  I am afraid the usual uninstall/re-install will delete them so I need to search to find them.

Hi again, sorry, to get the log files, just go to your local folder > App Data > Roaming > eM client > Logs, and you should be able to find all the log files over there.
If the data is too large, you can use some common sharing service such as Dropbox or Google drive to share the data with me.

Thank you,

Thanks, and yep I was going to put it all in dropbox once I found the logs.  

Logs sent.