Problem with sending from eM Client mail client software to a gmail address

When I use eM client to send an email to a gmail address it never arrives, works okay with all other address’s. eM client says it has sent, no errors. Its not my mail itself as I have sent from webmail and it sends and arrives fine. I’ve checked the logs on my mail server and it has no record of the email ever having been sent. Seems that eM client when sending to gmail, doesn’t any ideas?


What mail service provider are you using and what account type?

Thank you.


I’m using hostgator, one is pop 3 the other is IMAP. Both cases same thing happens. I have a client who also uses eMClient and the same thing has started to happen to her.


We’ve had numerous reports about Hostgator not letting eM Client (among other clients, including Thunderbird) send messages through. We’ve looked into the problem and it appears that this issue is on Hostgator’s side. I recommend trying to solve the issue with Hostgator, as it seems widespread and not limited just to you.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.