Problem with sending emails

I have a yahoo email account. Recently I sent an email with eM Client having a 6MB attachment. eM Client attempts to sent the mail, but fails everytime at about 70%. As eM does not have an Outbox, and neither Yahoo, how do I delete this pending message? It also blocks all my other mail to be sent.

I am using the latest version of eM Client and it does have an Outbox. However, I also have a problem sending mail with large attachments. The transfer seems to go OK for 2 to 5 minutes but then stops with the Operations Log saying “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host”. My ISP is BT Broadband so I can also use BT Yahoo Mail which has no problems but works differently in that the attachment is uploaded before the email is sent. I would prefer to use eM Client so why doesn’t it work?

It seems that your connection is terminated by your ISP’s server. There is nothing we can do to resolve this issue - I am sorry.