Problem with search results


I’ve just started using EM Client on two desktops and one laptop, all using Windows 10. I am using an IMAP account (with Fastmail as the email provider). My inbox is huge - 88349 messages. I have not bothered to archive messages as up until now, I’ve been using Fastmail’s web interface and I do find the searching to be faster when messages are in the inbox and I often need to find something from many years back.

Two questions relating to Searching using em client.

  1. Whenever I search for something, I get a message at the top of the screen that says “Search results might be incomplete because some messages haven’t been fully downloaded.” I then have several options and I always choose “Always download complete messages” rather than “Download complete messages now.” I have also ensured that I have “download messages for offline use” checked off in the account settings. And yet I still get these messages consistently every time I search.  What do I have to do to ensure that I am getting complete rather than partial search results?

  2. At this point, is there any real advantage to me archiving my inbox? Will it speed anything up? The problem I have is I don’t know where to “draw the line” for selecting which messages to archive, as I regularly refer back to older emails.

Thanks in advance - any help would be much appreciated!