Problem with rules and read mail

em client Version 7.0.27920.0

I’m using imap (GMX) with my tablet , cell phone and my pc.
The mails are read during the day with my tablet, so they are “read”.
In the evening, I want to use my pc to sort the mails into different directorys (on the Mail Server and local) using rules.
But the rules are not working with the read mails, only with unread mails.
If I start the rule manually, it works fine.

How can I set it up to work?

Hello Kai,
unfortunately rules can only work on new, unread messages (part of the rule is to apply it when ‘received’).
The manual application of the rule is there exactly for the case you describe.


Will there be an update (Hopefully) to the rules to allow them to automatically run on READ message also?  This is a much needed function not only for unread mail but also read mail.