Problem with reminder notification from .ical

Hi eM family!

So I recently added an outside calendar via an .ical link. The creator of the calendar includes a 15-minute reminder ahead of the event. That part works great!

The challenge is that I can’t dismiss the reminder. I hit ‘dismiss’ and it keeps coming back immediately, even once the event is past. If I leave the reminder open, close eM completely, and then come back to open it, the reminder sounds and the notification pops up again with the amount of time since the event started.

I’ve tried the trick others have posted about unticking the box to use Windows notifications; in fact, I was using eM notification settings from the start – I turned on the Windows notifications to see if that made a difference (it didn’t) and then turned them back off and I am still getting it.

I am running the newest version of eM (9.0.1708.0), but it was happening on the previous build as well.

For now, it looks like I’ll have to leave the notification window open in the background and deal with it, but I hope someone has another suggestion in the meantime. I will be putting eM on a new machine in a few days and will circle back if it’s a hardware or OS issue (running Windows 10 on this machine and will be running W11 on the new one I believe).

Thanks much!