Problem with recurring event.

I have an event that repeats every last workday of the month. I would be fine with not being able to edit that but the calendar has problems with just diplaying the event. It shows the event every day instead of last work day of the month. If necessary i can export the event and provide it with some screenshots.

Can you please post here a screenshot? Thank you.

Sure, first screenshot is from eM Client and the second is from google cal how it should look

And if it will be any help here is the event exported in to ics file.

sorry for the delay - it should be fixed in the next update.

Hello George,

Please any timeline here because i am experiencing having users who are supposed to receive the meeting notification keep receiving the same meeting email copy several times.


Email me at - I will send you our internal version containing the fix.

Two months later and the bug remains. Any chance of releasing that fix?

I am sorry for the delayed reply. Could you please tell me what version of eM Client are you currently using? Thank you.

Hello, I am currently using 5.0.18025.0

Thank you. Please send me an email at I will send you our internal version which should fix this issue.

Sorry for the delay, the version you sent me didn’t fix the problem.


Please can you try this version?…
There were made some changes with calendar in these 30 days


Nope that didn’t fix it either.


I have been now informed that this should be repaired in next update.


Ok, thanks looking forward.

you’re welcome.


Hello, in the recent update (5.0.18637.0) this issue is finally fixed.

Thank you


many thanks for your info on this issue.

best regards

Hello Adams, could you please provide me with the url to download the latest update (5.0.18637.0). Thankx

Hello Adams please assist with the link to where i can download the latest update (5.0.18637.0). Thankx!