Problem with notes and ALT+O

In eM Client 10 when I want to add note, I can’t type “ó” (right alt + “o” in polish keyboard layout), because it closes note window.

I am not able to reproduce that.

If you have any issues while testing the beta version, please report them to [email protected]

Include the beta version you are using (Menu > Help > About) and the provider where the Notes are saved (Gmail, Exchange, etc.).

Do you have polish (programmer) keyboard layout installerd?

If not - you’ll not be able to reproduce that.

It’s layout using in PL.

(BTW. I wrote this in my post - right alt + “o” in polish keyboard layout)

I wrote to [email protected] because I’m not sure if it is a problem with eM Client 10 or eM Client 9 and is impossible to use both versions on one computer.