Problem with messages marked as read

Thank you Gary…! The undoubeling has definitively worked this way! The mark as read feature though just does not work, whatever I try, but I can live with that. The rest of the program works fine!

Was there a solution yet? I miss all my important emails. On one PC I have eM Client, but I often check my mails using a web interface. On the web interface all emails are marked as read, although I never opened nor read the email.
I have “Mark messages read after displaying for 1 seconds” disabled.

Are you using IMAP or POP3?

With IMAP, once you have read the message in any email client or it has been marked as read in any email client, it will also be marked as read on the server.

With POP3, there may be a setting on the server to mark the message as read when downloaded via POP3.

I’m using Exchange. I never had this problem with other email clients (e.g. Outlook).