Problem with Google acount and two steps verifications after 19.11.2015

I am facing problems with my Google account for a few days, I am being asked for the verification code input, but when I put in the code I get a reply that my browser doesn’t have java enabled and the process is unsuccessful. It was working great for more then 2 years, but since a couple of days I can not use my gmail (mail, calendar, contacts) with eM client. I didn’t find anything usefull over the web. Please advise.

Hi Sandi,
we are aware of the javascript issue, but are not sure why is the 2 step verification triggering it. There are few workarounds that have helped other users though.

First workaround that seemed to help are these steps:

  1. Change your google account so that two-factor verification is disabled. You can let google save your 2f settings when you disable it.
  2. Remove and re-add the account to EM.
  3. Let EM re-sync everything
  4. Turn two-factor back on.

The second workaround is setting IE 11 security level mode to medium and disabling protected mode in security tab worked for some users.

Another workaround that seemed to work for others is to open Internet Explorer and log in to with your Google Apps account. Then go back to emClient and log in again.

I realize these are not ideal solutions, but just something to try to get your account working until we find a proper fix.

Best regards,

Hello Olivia,

thank you for your prompt reply, I tried the first method (turning off 2 step verifications) and it worked, but still…

I hope you will solve the issue soon…

Best regards, Sandi

None of these work if you have a Google Apps (business) account. At the moment, that type of account appears to be irretrievably broken no matter what the 2 factor auth settings or IE settings may be. I have literally been waiting weeks for any help whatsoever - a workaround, a fix, anything except “it appears to be something Google did”. Yeah, I get that Google made a change - but that change has literally not affected anyone (Windows 10 mail client, Outlook, Mailbird or others).

I want so much to be able to buy and use this app, but so far support seems to be nothing more than pointing the finger at someone else. Being in the software business myself, I can say that when as big a swath of your customer base is affected as this is, you make it an all-hands solution and the focus of your business.

Is there an update on the problem?

Hi. I’m also having problems. I’m a long time user of EM but the two factor authentication is causing me problems too (same error message). I’ve tried options 2&3 but am not really prepared to try option 1.

I also tried adding to trusted sites along with … no joy.

Any more ideas?

Hi Sam,
unfortunately we are having problems figuring out this issue, disabling the 2-step authentication is the only way to get gmail working in eM Client at the moment.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience while we continue looking for a proper solution.


But, to keep things honest here, this only works if you have a regular Gmail account.  It does NOT work at all in any way if you have a Google Apps/Google Business account.  On both Windows 8.1 and 10 you will get the dreaded “JavaScript not enabled” error if you are even able to get past the authentication screen.

Olivia, maybe if there was some sort of “state of the issue” message your team delivered you could buy the eM Client some credibility.  Right now, the silence is deafening and the only message we get at all from you is “we know it’s a problem, here - try the same thing that works only for some of you.”  I would bet there are plenty of smart people who might be able (and would be willing) to help if they understood the problem.