problem with folders and information about incoming mail

In the program, you can do it yourself folders and subfolders and appropriate rules which will move incoming mail to the appropriate places - previously created folders. Here, everything is like clear, because this standard. These folders can have a tree collapsed or expanded. With a large number of them - to make it easier to deal with - some folders with subfolders is collapsed, because all at once form a very long listing. However, when these folders are collapsed, and comes mail, which will be in one of these folders collapsed, I do not have any information about it. For example, in thebat! when folders were collapsed and was taken to a mail folder - showed the number (depending on how many of these emails came) next to the name of the parent folder - which gave a signal that somewhere deeper in the structure is just a folder with a new message. The eM Client do not see it, and I do not know how to enable or possibly replace some other function that solves this problem.
sry for my english.

Hi, eM Client unfortunately only display the unread count for each folder separately, if you have your folders collapsed, for example only a list of the default folders without subfolders you will only be able to display the unread count in the default folders, e.g. inbox.

We’re currently working on a new release of eM client which will feature a redesigned UI with more options on how to display the unread count in the application’s main view.


Thank you for your reply, it is good that it is in the plan to change these settings. When this update is planned - if I may ask.thanks again.

Hi again, we’re currently working on the upcoming release, but no release date has been set yet, we’re currently working on the upcoming release to make sure we’re releasing a stable application without any issues.

In the meantime you can check out the preview on our facebook page or our twitter for the latest updates.

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