Problem with email folders

I am new to eM Client email. Previously I had Windows Live Mail. I had someone transfer everything from Windows Live Mail to eM Client email. In Windows I had several folders for the same subject, but for different years. Now when I go to the  folders for the years, I have emails from diferent years. Such as, for 2014, I have emails from 2014, 2015 2017, & 2018. How can I get these back to their appropriate years/

If all the messages are in one folder, then create a new folder for each year and move the messages into the respective folders.

I have created separate folders for each year and there are messages in the folders.  What the problem is, if I go to the 2014 folder, there are three messages.  When I click on one of the messages it shows three messages included in it.  Two from 2014 and one for 2018.  How can I isolate the one from 2018 and get it to the 2018 folder.

This may be a result of messages from different years being in the same conversation. Disable conversations in Menu > View > Conversations, and see if that changes anything.

It worked.  Thank you very much.