Problem with deleting, click on url on bottom and search box positioning, downloading small mails - v7 beta 2


firstly em Client is the best client I have ever instaled :slight_smile:

Now I am testing v7 beta 2 and I have found some issues, please look at them:

  1. If you click in client on any link in received e-mail - browser will open, than you get back to client and you want delete this e-mail. BUT - if I simply click on DELETE key - nothing hapens - I must click again on left side in client on title of the Email and after it DELETE key works - it is very annoying (same problem, if I just click anywhere on body in the e-mail - DELETE is not working - again I must click on Title of the e-mail and than DELETE works)

  2. If any e-mail has in its body on bottom any link (eg. unsubscribe), it is NOT possible to click on it - if mouse cursor will be on the link, in Client will appear URL link, but I can not click on the URL, because it overlaps!
    Link I want to click on “Odhlasit se” on bottom:

But it is not possible:

I suggest display the URL on other place, not on body of e-mails.

  1. If you use very often “Search box” as I am, there is very annoying new position of the box. Previous position was great - on the top on left side - above e-mails titles. If you must very often go from left to right and back again … ufff, this is not good idea, please think on it :slight_smile:

  2. I suggest add option for automatic downloading small e-mails - if I use more e-mails accounts, sometimes happens I click on title of any e-mail, but I must wait for seconds than body will be downloaded (often spam e-mails I want to just quick look at them and immediately delete them - but in this case I must wait and wait).

Thank you for very great client. I will look forward for another version :slight_smile:



Thank you very much for the feedback! We’re already working hard on fixing the first two issues. As for the search bar, we’re considering adding the option of switching sides.

Issue n.4 - you can work around this by going to Tools>Accounts, pick your specific account and check “download messages for offline use” under the IMAP tab.
Hope that helps.



Thank you for info, switching sides should be super :slight_smile:

About downloading offline - this feature is cool, but what about have option set the size of e-mail, which will be downloaded for offline use and if the size will be more than set size, e-mail stay on server?

Jirka B.