Problem with connection to licensing server

I have a problem with latest eM Client v. 6.0.21040.0. It always go to offline mode with a notification that there are problems with connection to licensing server. However my license should be still valid according to the dates indicated in help>license.

I decided to uninstall it and reinstall it again, this time without my own licence, but using one month free demo version. It works with this setting, however when I tried to switch to my regular license, it stopped working again.

Any kind help, please?

Hi Hubert, are you using any firewall/proxy software on your computer that could disable the application’s ability to connect to our licensing server?
Can you try to access this address in your browser and check if you’re able to connect, ?

Thank you,

Thank you Paul for your reply. I am not aware about any firewall/proxy software on my side - at least to my knowlegde. I haven’t installed anythink like it on my PC.

I am able to acces the site, however it just wants from me a group/username/password in order to login. Besides this issue I haven’t any other problem with my internet connection beside the emClient.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

Any suggestion what to do?

Hi Hubert, sorry for my belated reply, how long have you been using eM Client, do you have a free license registered for the application? If so, can you please send me your licensing information to my email along with a reference link to this forum topic, ?

Thank you,