Problem with Calendar Search

I found, that Search function in the Calendar is not implemented.
In the Forum you wrote, that Calendar Search is available in the Agenda.
So, is there any possibility to search in the past?
F.e. if i need to find any calendar record from the past (not deleted) - have I any possibility to do it? If I need to find in which day I sent a package (I had a reminder in calendar “Send package”), how can I do it?
Thanks for help.

Simply click on the button “Hide past” in the menu to show past events.

OK, thanks for your help.
But, it is not as simply as you wrote - I did not found “Hide Past” in the menu and Settings. Can you tell me, where I look for?

Thank you.

When you open Agenda, it should be right next to the “Agenda” button in the menu. Actually, it is between the “Agenda” item and “Calendar color” drop down list.