Problem with Calendar Reminders

I linked the client with my Gmail account. All the appointments that I have created over the past three years were also linked. However, the reminders window keeps popping up with all the appointments that I’ve ever made. Each time I try to dismiss all reminders, they keep showing up again and again!! I tried to close the reminders, but the same happened.


what version (exactly) do you use? Help - about.


I have recently upgraded to v6 and I am having the issue above that when reminders pop up, I click snooze, dismiss, or close window X. and they just keep popping up. Some of these are when I accept and invitation to a Google HOA and they are automatically added to my Google Calendar which is synced with eMclient.

I’ve looked through the settings and couldn’t find anything. I do want to get the popup reminders but I just want to be able to snooze or dismiss.



I will need your GData logs then, tools - settings - advanced, check GData, apply and restart eM Client.

then simulate you steps and after your issue will occur send logs… form advanced window to together with this topic’s url.

then you can turn logging off.


I’m having the same problem. Is there any solution to this yet?

Hi, there were solutions to some if causes introduced in newest version. Do you use Gmail and still have this issue?


I have this issue as well, topic here, with no views or replies yet. Using eM 6 with Office365 Exchange.

Hi, I have replied to your original post. Next time please do not post about same issue into more than one topic, we always respond to all but because this is community/free users forums, it can take a while.