Problem with Auto-Filling of Distribution List Names in New Messages

Recently, my hard disk failed completely.  Fortunately, I had backed up eM Client.  I was able to re-install eM Client and restore the database.  Everything seemed fine.  All of my emails, contacts and distribution lists were there.  However, since then even newly-created distribution lists do not auto-fill in the “To” box of new messages.  Only contacts auto-fill.  An unsatisfactory and hopefully temporary work-around is to go to the distribution list in the Contacts list, right-click on it and select “Send Message”.  Then a new message shows up with the distribution list in the “To”  box.  
I’ve gone through the “Tools/Setting” options without success.  I’ve read many of the posts on this type of problem.  None of the proposed solutions work. For example, the if one opens the distribution list, in the lower left corner there is text: “Local Folders/Contacts/” 
I’m running version 7.2.35595.0.  When I check for updates, none is available.