Problem with 3.5.11809.0 version

I updated right now my eM Client to the version : 3.5.11809.0 but now the client doesn’t go on line. It’s appear freeze off line.
The previous em Client version worked well.
Is there someone that is able to help me ? Thank you

is user unterface responsive or not?

Hi Michal,
thank you for your reply.

I switched off-on may PC and now everything is ok





First, “congratulations” to the Staff at eM Client for having released this latest
update which fixed quite a few bugs from the past; okay.

So at first I was also very pleased to notice that from now on a personalized
MAIL TEMPLATE was being directly linked to any newly created email-body;
however, this function has now unfortunately a…BIG, BIG FLAW!!

Indeed, whenever you start typing your text in the message-body and click the
“Enter” key in order to continue on the…NEXT line, it’ll just…SKIP it and jump
directly to the one after, as shown on this example here:
Line 2: = blank!
Line 4: = blank!

So this is really a big disappointment for me and I cannot “quite understand”
why this error has not been detected prior to this latest release…

With best regards from your now “slightly frustrated” user of your otherwise
very much appreciated email program (true).

Philippe Borel

I have had problems with the same thing.

Sometimes copy/paste from one email inside emclient to a new email inside emclient creates blank lines just as described above (every second line becomes a blank).
A workaround is to paste to notebook first and than copy and paste again to emclient… shouldn’t be so complicated.

Another problem with blank lines has to do with signatures, when you click “send” one or several blank lines before signature can dissapear so sometimes signature appears right under the message text.


I installed the update a couple of days ago and I am glad to see that some previous bugs are fixed - thank you! I really do like this email client better than any other.

But I am having some problems with the new version and that is in relation to speed. It’s very slow to download email from my various accounts, but that isn’t a big deal. But it’s also incredibly slow when I try to read an email - each mail, including plain text emails, takes between 10 and 20 seconds to load.

Any tips would be most appreciated, it’s driving me crazy!

I think, my reply does not help. I’ll say only that I do not have this problem. Downloading and reading mails are as quick as before.

Hello, can you send us a message where that happened? Please save it as EML file if possible.

Where do I send it?

I will do it next time I encounter the bug, it does not happen always.