Problem when print day event on day view

When I printing one day with detail view, and yesterday and the next day have a complete day event, 3 of them appears in print preview. Yesterday, today and next day events.
I think that is a bug.
Thank you.

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Maye it has something to do with the times. For example in eM Client an all day event from yesterday is 18/01/2021 00:00 to 19/01/2021 00:00

But 19/01/2010 00:00 is actually today and not yesterday. So in the print preview for today, it is correctly showing the event based on that time.

Maybe I am just talking nonsense though. :blush:

But . . . I agree it is a bug.

Thanks for replying,the error only appears on detailed view.

I did not suggest anything, nor give a solution. I simply commented about why I think the bug is happening.

Yes, I already edit the comment, sorry.