Problem trying to attach a file to an email

When I try to attach a file to an email I am composing by clicking the ‘attachment’ icon, nothing happens. I am not given an option to select a file. Any ideas? I tried a quick Google search of this issue but didn’t turn up anything that seemed relevant. I can click and drag a file to the email being composed and it appears to attach that way.

Wow! No answers to this one, so I guess I cannot expect an answer to my similar problem, either. I can upload files, but only zip files, which some other programs cannot open. EveryeM Client “update” creates new problems. eM Client is going downhill fast. No support at all for “free” accounts, no matter how they screw us up. Might as well go back to Outlook.

sorry for the delayed reply. Are you sure that the window is not shown on backround? Can you open menu Insert - File and let me know if it helps? Thank you.

LOL…it seems to be working now…there is a slight pause before it opens the ‘Open’ explorer window to navigate to the file to attach, but it does open. When I first posted it wasn’t opening (at least that I could find).