problem to send mail

Hi! Since some weeks, sometimes (2-3 times/week) the mail in exit don’t go (message say "No connection). But in the same time I receive mails and I use the web without problems. If I close the prg and I start nothing changes, but if I restart windows when I open the mail was sent! I asked to my provider, and after controls, they told me that everything is ok, and my SMTP (always the same, since years) correct. I work on win10 pro.
Other small problem: at the beginning using EMClient, when an email arrived, I saw a smal symbol on the prg icon in the application bar. Suddenly it disappears. Any raison? Suggestions?
Thank you very much, regards

If you have the correct smtp setting, then i suspect that there could be some sort of background program delaying or interfering with your sending email. 

If you have any optional eg: Antivirus, Firewall, Security program etc disable that temporarily and reboot your computer to test if that is interfering.

If makes no difference, then re-enable and update this thread with what SMTP Settings you are using.

Very recently I had an odd problem that my friend asked me to look at.
Turned out it was automatic update to CPanel that reset his email on various domains to automatic instead of remote. This caused some email to get bounced and some got through.
It’s quite possible that, if you have a webhost using CPanel and don’t use their email but use a remote mail provider, you may have been hit by the same error on the part of CPanel.
Just a thought…


Thanks for your answer. If I reboot the pc, also without closing antivirus/firewall/other, the mails exiting immediately leave. The problem persist just if I don’t make anything, In any case, after some time (minutes/hours) it works again alone. Maybe a raison is this period of supercharge of the lines due to emergency, we are all close at home, and all connected… No problem, it is minor problem, and resolvable.
Take care, stay home.