Problem to configure Gmail account

Eu estou tentando fazer login em minha conta do Gmail eM Client, mas aparece o seguinte erro: "Você chegou a esta página porque nós detectamos que o Javascript está desabilitado no seu navegador A página que você tentou carregar não pode ser exibida corretamente se scripting é. desativada. Habilite os scripts e repetir ou voltar no seu browser. "O que devo fazer? Já atualizou a versão do Java no navegador, mas ainda não pode superar esta tela de erro.

This is the 2-step[ verification problem referred to below. emClient, as your 30 days nears its end, you are going to get a tonne of these problems. You can keep burying your head in the sand and hope that V7 will save you or get some developer hours onto it and fix it. It is an API hook - not a big issue just a need for you to have a will to fix it!

Sorry but I did not understand your answer. Perhaps because you are using the Google translator to communicate. Could you be more specific about this problem?

Your problem is known to the company. It is a problem between emClient and GMail servers. emClient does not have a solution to the problem yet. The problem is the same problem as the problem I talk about in my post above this one. It relates to the 2-step authentication method. The company’s only response is to turn off your security! It is best if you add your comments to my original thread and then they can see how important an issue it is becoming rather than staring this new thread.

Hi Luciano,
unfortunately this is a known issue that has not been resolved yet.
The only workaround at the moment is to disable 2 factor verification for now.
Thank you for your patience while we work on this issue.


Ok. I want to buy your program, but the value is high for me because in Brazil costs nearly $ 4 times the value. I can provide some discount coupon to become customer?

I’d hold off Luciano. I have just tried Olivia’s suggestion but it doesn’t work as you can’t sign in even with basic authentication. So it seems that emClient is now broken for everyone.

Hi, unfortunately gmail accounts only work without the 2-step verification, I’m sorry for the confusion.

Hi Luciano,
any concerns about the price of the program should be directed to our sales department at


Thank you

Thank you

Em client better work fast. This is a make it of break it moment for the company! Many might start jumping ship!

No “might” about it. The client that I paid for does not work. period. If I can’t log into my email , calendar or contacts accounts, then an email, calendar and contacts client is pretty useless. Despite warm words, I have seen no evidence of emclient taking this issue seriously. They insist on blaming google for having changed OAuth2 and yet all the other OAuth2 clients that I have downloaded over the past 24 hours seems to work flawlessly. No information/updates on their blogs, no details of what they’re doing to fix, simply burying their heads.