Problem that emails are shown in "smartphone" mode (a narrow column in the middle of the screen) on Surface 4 pro

I am using eM 6.0.23421.0 on my new Surface 4 pro. When in Tablet Mode (in Win 10) I was asked if I like to use touch in eM. Said Yes. I can toggle eM with little mark in upper left corner for Touch or nontouch, but emails like newsletters are always displayed in “smartphone” mode (shown in a narrow column in the middle of the screen). Does not matter if touch in on or of i eM or if I use Win 10 in normal or tablet mode. How do I get back to normal display of the newsletter mails?

Just upgraded to a new Windows 10 PC and installed em-client version 6.0.24144.0 have this same problem. cannot find how to correct this problem Bob Cassam

could you please send an eml file of a message with this formatting issue to [email protected]?
Also, please add a link to this forum topic in the body of the message so I can get back to you here.


Hi William,
I tried viewing the email in different versions of eM Client and even some other client applications, but it seems that the HTML and formatting is done in the column by design, as the HTML is non-responsive to the window size. Their website news are in the very same style, with a fixed width size. So I believe this is just a chosen format of this particular newsletter.
The only thing you could change is zooming in on the email (CTRL+scroll button), but the text is still in the same place.
Or does this happen even with emails that you believe are not meant to have this mobile view?