Problem sync'ing contacts with Google contacts

I have a contact listed on Google contacts. This persons belong to several groups, for example (Family, VIP).

If I edit the contact with eM, the contact is also updated on my Google account but the groups the person belongs to are dropped.

Also I notices duplicate groups are created with the same name, for example I now have 2 Family groups, one of them with no contact in it.

I tested it and it works OK for me. Can you please specify what details of the contact should I edit to reproduce the groups dropping issue?

Can you please specify more what steps did you take before duplicate (Family) groups start to be?

Hi, are you using mobile sync with your Google Contact? If so, sync with eM Client is not recommended at the moment.

I have a Droid and my contacts are sync’ed with my Droid. Is it what you are asking?

It looks like any change on the contact info, for example editing the address.

Yes, Google Contact are in its beta phase, the API is not complete along with it exchange/SyncML protocol which also have problems. EM Client at the moment (have not tried ver 3.5.12280 yet) also have it own problem with Google Contact in its way of localization with Google Contact. If you are using syncing (which you are), I would suggest to avoid using sync with eM, or which ever is more important. Unfortunately this is a problem of both eM and Google, and need to be addressed by both parties. Though the Google Sync itself has much more problem need to be addressed.

Ok thanks. I least I have access to my Google contacts from within eM which is important to me. I will make sure I keep editing my contacts on my Droid or directly on the Google web site.