Problem syncing contacts after 8.2 update

After updating to 8.2, an error pops up every time eM Client is started.

The error is:

[Google Contacts]Synchronizing folder ‘[my email address]/Contacts’ failed due to the following error: SQLite Error 19: ‘constraint failed’.

This never happened before 8.2 and contacts used to sync without any problems.

Any idea what I can do with this?

Easiest solution may be to remove the Gmail account from eM Client, then add it back again.

Thanks, Gary! Sometimes the easiest solutions are the hardest to find… I’ve spent 30 minutes trying to work out a solution for this error, all to no avail.

Then I did what you suggested and it solved the problem in 30 seconds :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a bit worrying that the error appeared in the first place, as it shows something’s not quite right with the latest eM update.

Still, your solution has done the trick :slight_smile:

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