Problem since latest update - Modified occurence is crossing or overlapping adjacent occurrence

Since latest update, when I start emClient and he start to sync/ger my email, I receive this message (capture attached). I can mask the windows and I don’t see this until I close and start the program again.

I’m on Windows 8.1 and I use version 7.0 before last update without problem and without these message. I use ESET V10 as antivirus program

After ignoring, do you get the rest of your mail ?

Yes it work correctly if I ignore the message.

Sometimes I get also error messages and ignore. Sending works OK ?



I am experiencing the same and although after ignoring everything seems to work, it is not ideal to get that error at every start. This seems to be happening on recurring events. Checking the calendar, there is no event actually overlapping.

It looks like I had two events perfectly overlapping.
The organizer probably changed some detail and another invite to the event was received, but it didn’t replace the first.
I had replied to both events with RSVP “accepted”.
Once I changed my RSVP to “tentative” for one of the events, it got deleted and replaced by the other and now I am not receiving that error anymore at startup.