Problem setting my auto-response on Exchange

I would like to set my auto responder on my exchange email account. This looks very easy in a first step, but unfortunately I ran into a problem: I am only one day away and em-client keeps telling me, that the start and end date may not be the same. But I am only one day away…

Hi Christian, I do not understand exactly what are you trying to do, but if I am right, every time I leave my mail due to holidays, trips, etc. I leave one day and return on the following. Never on the same day.
In your case you either leave on the 20th and return on the 21st or leave on the 21st and return on the 22nd. (the time window is minimum 1 day)
Hope this help

I have tested a little bit. The problem is that the input is not clearly defined. In Outlook you have to enter start date/time and end date/time. em-Client uses obvisously the begin of the day. So if I am away on the 27. I have to put in 27 till 28 (and this is not logical). Normally a begin day is the FIRST second of the day and a end day is the LAST second of the day.
In addition, there is another problem: If I enter 27 to 28, there is a time conversion problem, because using outlook the begin and end time is 02:00 and not 00:00. Is this a known bug?