Problem "send link by email" greyed out

Windows 8.1 & IE11 I have just downloaded eM and brought my BT mail into it. However I still cannot send link by email any help very gratefully received.

Hi, I’m not completely sure what feature are you referring to, can you please make a screenshot of the issue?
What version of .NET framework do you have installed on your computer? Are you able to send files from windows using the Send to > Recipient, option?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you check for the exact version number in Help > About?

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  Thank you for your reply. I have just installed today  and as far as I can see it is  version 6.0.21040.0

Emails etc work fine . The problem which I have had since buying this PC is when on a page in IE and I go to File then Send the two options “page by email” & “link by email” are in light grey and do not work the third option send “Shortcut to Desktop” is in black and works.

eM is set as default in programs to open mail.     I am sorry but I have no idea what .NET framework is.

I should have said I was using a web based mail before which I understand would never be able to send a link.

Hi again, can you please try to check if you’re able to submit a file over MAPI using the built in option from windows? Right click any kind of file or document and right click it, select Send to > Recipient.
Does a new eM Client window open with the attached file?

.NET framework is a framework the application has been built on, you can check the installed version in the list of installed programs in Control Panel.

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Thank you. I can send a file and it does use eM. I can find no mention  of .NET framework in the Control Panel Programs. I have put it into search and it just brings up links to download from Microsoft. However I understand Windows 8 which is what the computer  came with runs 4.5.

Hi again, you should be able to see the installed .NET version in “Programs and Features”, try to install .NET framework 3 along with your current .NET framework 4 and check if the issue persists.
However if you’re able to send messages through MAPI in your operating system this points out to a system or IE issue rather than eM Client.

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I did not think it was an eM problem but wondered if now I use this it would have solved the problem. Once again I have looked and searched programs and no .NET listed. Thank you for trying to help me solve the problem.