Problem searching Calendar

Searching the Calendar is NOT intuitive.
At first it took me some time to discover that it will search and display results ONLY in the Agenda view of the Calendar! Not in any other view, it just does nothing.
Next, it also ONLY displays today’s and future matches.
Very strange default behaviour.

Using the online manual I found that there is a switch to allow ‘past’ searches: ‘Hide Past’ button. But I am using eMclient with Dutch localisation and that button says ‘Verberg plakken’.
This translation is wrong, it should say ‘Verberg verleden’. (‘plakken’ means ‘pasting’ in Dutch).

This is My Dutch window. (The items font sometimes automatically switches to HUGE, but that is a different problem, that goes away by restarting eMclient.)

From the manual page:



Searching in calendar is working as designed and we do not plan to change it. By default we hide past events as it is logical, people who still need to see them just click once on “hide completed” and they can reach them.

Same goes for search only in agenda, in eM Client’s design it would still switch view to agenda after search so this is only one necessary step more.

On Dutch localization works one person in his freetime, but we receive more reports on it’s errors so my colleague will try to resolve this.

with regards

If you’re going to hide past events, then REALLY HIDE THEM. 

When “Hide Past” is enabled, you still display events going back 6 months. THAT IS NOT HIDING PAST EVENTS. 

So when i search calendar, with Hide Past Events enabled, i can SEE THE EVENT, BUT SEARCH DOES NOT FIND IT. 

That’s stupid, dumb, confusing, and wrong. This is LYING to your users. The “Hide Past” feature should DO WHAT IT SAYS IT DOES-- not KINDA do it. 

Hi, we’re currently working on improving the search feature for calendar, this is a known issue to us at the moment.

Thank you for understanding,

Please put the search on the Calendar in the same location as you have it for email–not off to the side buried in the agenda.  I just spend about 20 minutes trying to figure out how it works and why it was only searching the next week.  Once I got that all straightened out, I noticed that it only searches the next year–nothing beyond that.  Of course, I could be wrong, but I haven’t yet figured out how it should display for ALL future events on all my calendars.

Ed K., thanks to your post I know to look in agenda to search in the calendar. It was driving me crazy not being able to find it!!