Problem related to syncronization of IMAP Account

Error Occurred when Em tries to syncronize with IMAP server:

IMAP unable to create folder  email Inbox/Trash  as well as email Inbox/Clients on the server.  Invalid mailbox name

This happened when I cancelled a syncronization and now it does this all the time. 

Easiest solution is to remove the IMAP account from eM Client, then add it again.

Thank you.  I realized that this might be the only or easiest solution, but I’m concerned that I will lose my emails and contacts if I do that.  What do you think?

You will be fine. IMAP accounts are just synced copies of what is on the server.

If you still have some concerns, then make a backup before you remove the account. You can do that through Menu > File > Backup. If after removing and re-adding the account and allowing the account to re-sync, you are missing anything, you can restore using Menu > File > Restore.