Problem Receiving Emails

I recently installed eM Client version: 7.1.30794.0 and added my IMAP account.

Everything seemed to set up fine… but I’m having a problem receiving emails - but only when the Program is running (the Sync function is working, but it doesn’t down load email message from the server).

Only when I close the Program and re-start it, will it down load the new messages.


It too bad, because I really like this program and would like to keep it, but I won’t if I have to keep closing the program to receive messages. VERY frustrating…


My wife and I both are using eM Client.  I have no issues.  She has the same problem where emails are not received/downloaded.  Windows 10 Mail pops up notifications when she has new messages.  I can get her messages to arrive in eM Client when I go into Menu>Tools>Accounts then select her account and open Diagnostics tab and run Diagnose.  She uses IMAP and SMTP where I use POP3 and SMTP.  I really don’t know my way around this stuff but the problem she is having has just arisen in the last week or so.  I have had eM Client installed for about a year and am running current version.

So the problem may be that my account is set up with IMAP vs. POP3?

Can anyone from the eM Support Team address this issue please?

Try the repair option to make sure it was installed correctly
Start   Control Panel    Program & Features  
Find EmClient  then right click and if there is a Repair option click it.

What email server are you using   Gmail Yahoo etc ??
If you are using Gmail I can send you the parameters for account that work for me

Recheck your parameters     Menu  Tools  Settings   General         also   Mail

I tried the repair option which you suggested…

When I clicked on repair, it told me that: “the installation source for this product is not available.”

I’m using my ISP’s server (Spectrum/Charter) set up with the IMAP/SMTP settings recommended. When I click on the diagnose option, it always checks out OK. 

Also, re-checked the parameters where you suggested and all seems to be in order.

Ah, Charter.  I have read in these forums that (per eM Client), Charter has a non-standard IMAP setup that causes issues with eM Client.  Your only option may be POP3.

Here is where all the versions reside  in case you need it
I am using Gmail and here are my acct parameters.  If you can check with vendor on what they should be
as each vendor may have slightly different requirements.  so this is what gmail wants 
IMAP  gmail   Host        port 993      use ssl/tls on special port legacy    
SMTP  Gmail  host      port 587       force usage of ssl/tlc 

If all else fails  try   deleting the account and reattact it again  
Best of luck


Here is a link with an explanation by Olivia:…

Thanks Jay… that was very helpful information from Olivia.

So what’s the best way to switch the IMAP settings in the eM program to POP3?

Charter web site info on settings
Try using ssl/tls if available   option   They said port 993 for imap 587 for smtp

Warning on POP   your emclient will have your email not a copy from the server. So backup will be very important   Use emclient backup feature for safety.   Also  once read from emclient (pop)  if you use another device you may not see the email as emclient now has it in pop   

Unfortunately, you can’t change the mailbox from IMAP to POP3.  You will have to delete the account and set up a new one as POP3.  When you go into the new account setup wizard (menu/tools/accounts and click on the “+” sign at the bottom right), do not use the automatic setup.  Instead click on “Mail” and “Other”.

You will have to get the appropriate settings from Charter.

True. You can also check the option in eM Client to leave a copy on the server (I don’t use POP3, so I don’t know exactly how to do that).

Richard and Jay, thanks for all your advice/help.

Charter tells me that they don’t have POP3 settings available (only IMAP).

And the more I re-read your posts, the more convinced I am that this is probably no a very good solution… yes, perhaps re-starting the program is a hassle, but the drawbacks of using a POP account seem to be worse.

I think the ultimate solution is just to ditch Charter and set up a new email account !!! Only I’ve been using the address forever… Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this transition as painless as possible?

One of the main reasons why I installed this new program was because I was having big problems with the Windows Live Mail program on my Windows 7 PC.

Perhaps this had something to do with the email account on that program being set up as a POP3 with a server.

Now Charter tells me they don’t have POP3 settings… I don’t understand? Why does the POP3 account still work (though not well) on the Windows Live Mail program?

I use Gmail and eM Client (for me) works flawlessly.  The majority of eM Client users are using Gmail, so it certainly their sweet spot.

You should be able to import the emails directly in eM Client, but not sure about that.  If not, you can always export as .eml and then import.

By the way, not a bad idea to change email accounts occasionally, as it gets rid of junk mail and old girlfriends you don’t want to hear from.

Ha Haaaaa… good advice Jay!

I also forgot to mention that since setting up this new eM Client Program, I’ve received nearly a dozen or so “Test Message” emails that read:

"Dear User,
 This is a message testing the configuration of account ‘…’.
 It was generated at ‘… date/time’ and can be safely removed.

This seems like a lot… Is this usual?

Thanks again for all your help…

A way to migrate to a new email service   Is to have email from old account forwarded to your new one.  And then notify your contacts that your new email address is  xxxxx.  After a while  then you can delete the old one.  Most email services generally provide this feature.    Or if the old one is free let it stay for a long while.    And yes when you create an account in emclient it does send a test message .   I believe Gmail can also get email from the other account but never tested that.
Jay  I tried that (changing email )  but my wife still finds me  hahahah

Don’t give up on POP3 until you’ve tried it. It is a much more stable protocol, and as long as you don’t need to regularly access your historical emails from different devices, it is an excellent solution.

Tom, I think a solution for you would be to move to another email provider. There are many free and decent options out there. You will find GMail a good choice. You can always forward your Charter emails to another address, so you won’t loose contact with anyone who does not have your new address.

I don’t know why Charter said they don’t support POP3. They have an active POP3 server.

Every time you click on Diagnose, it creates a new test message.