Problem properties contacts icloud


This is all about icloud connection.
mail => ok
calendar = ok => properties = ok => access control => ok
contacts = ok => properties = ok => access control => [carddav] failted to get access control list. (Multi-status)

at log file
14:07:20 Icloud [CardDAV]  MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: Failed to get access control list. (Multi-Status)
14:07:20    at MailClient.Protocols.CalDav.Synchronizer.GetAclCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)
14:07:20    at MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)

Can this be solved ?
I use latest version on win7 x64.

Thank you

could you please copy the full version number of eM Client from Menu>Help>About?
What Contacts are not being synchronized? All of them or just certain groups?
Is that the FULL error from the Log tab?


Latest version 7.0.27943.0
All contacts are sync
Yes thats the full log
It’s the properties function that give a error
Like i explain at my first post , i will look for a image when i can

unfortunately this is actually a server issue, iCloud does not support this function and eM Client only gets this information when trying to access it.
We will change the error message to something more explanatory.