Problem printing

I have a problem with printing an email and wonder if anyone else is. When I try to print an email nothing happens. Right click and select print, press the print button at the top, Control P or select File>print nothing happens. With the email selected in the inbox or with it opened in a new window.
OS = Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

I had this problem too. Solution: printing in eM does function only with installed MS Internet Explorer, and I had not installed it, because I’m using another Browser.

I have IE installed. It was not my default browser so I changed it to default to check and still no print.

I know this is 3 yrs old, but since I recently had the same problem and nobody posted a solution yet:

emClient obviously has a problem with printing when you did not choose a default printer in Windows (marked by a green check mark in Windows printer list).

Choose a default printer in Windows, restart emClient and everythings fine again (although I’d say emClients behaviour with no default printer is a bug!)

Hi, I believe it is not possible to not have a default printer setup, can you please comment on how can you achieve such setup? Even after deleting the default printer, another printer on your list of printers should automatically be assigned with the default check sign.

Thank you for clearing this up,