problem pasting links from after update 5.0.18661.0

I have just run the eM Client program update today (5.0.18661.0) and now can’t seem to paste a link to file from in an email. I have restarted program and machine but it is still being stubborn. I can copy and paste text from the site and have succeeded in pasting other web links http and https to a blank email, but cannot paste the particular https link I actually need to send to a client. I have also tried pasting the link in a word document and it works fine so can’t be a problem with the site. Any ideas?

Here is a sample of the type of link I am having problems with. I have just tried to copy and paste from here and no luck.…

Any help would be appreciated. I really like this email client, but as it is I can’t run my business without reliable links. I have been able to type out the links with success but you understand this is a pain with all the characters in the link!


I am sorry for delayed answer, anyway I have tried this on my 3 PCs in work and everywhere I am able copy/paste URL from box (yours or my testing).

Can I ask you if you are having troubles copy/paste to another program or if you can copy to and from notepad to and from eM Client for example?