Problem opening attachments when you dblclick them in EMClient

Problem opening attachments when you dblclick the attachment with any version of EMClient up to the latest 7.2.33888.0 .Using Windows 10 , V1803

If you dblclick any attachment of a decent file size (doesn’t matter what type of extention), a banner will say to Open, Save or Cancel. If you then click open, 90% of the time it will only get part way through loading and fail. Sometimes takes a few goes till it actually completes the loading and then finally opens.

However if you hover your mouse over the attachment and click open, the attachment allways opens. Happened again this morning on a eg 2.4mb file attachment. So something is differant opening files by dblclicking / open as opposed to using the hover mouse / open method.

Anyway hopefully this can be fixed in the future as i prefer to dblclick attachments to open.