Problem new email page alignment after last update.

After last update today, I have problems with new email alignment, I mean that close button is not on his place, I have frame. The same I have when I want to close this new mail, and got popup where I can chose Yes, NO.

Did you try and reinstall the application?

If that does not help, uninstall eM Client, then reinstall the previous version from

Or maybe simply reboot your system.

Of course I know what should I do after Install update, and reboot many time from update. T.y. Gary I will try to install older version.

Usually you don’t need to restart Windows after installing or updating eM Client, but Jay’s comment is quite sound when a problem like this occurs. That is what I would have done if a reinstall had no effect.

I must have a time to reinstall, because of hard use email:) but I’ll try.

It will probably take you longer to download the installation file that it will to install it. :wink:

I know. its take a lot time to remade all configurations. and download all mails from google:)

Upgrading or reinstalling will not change your database. All your settings and emails will still be there, so once you have finished the install and you open eM Client, it will be just like before.

t.y. all for help. I found problem from my pc side and solve it.