PROBLEM! move to junk then move to inbox results in the email to disappear without trace

Hello. There seems to be a critical problem with eM Client.
I tried moving an email to junk then move it back to inbox and then suddenly the email disappear without trace. I couldn’t find the email in inbox nor in junk nor in trash. It just disappear. Then I tried with a couple of more unimportant emails and the same thing keeps on happening. I tried with hotmail and Gmail but unfortunately the result is the same.

Could you please fix this to avoid important emails disappearing in the future.

With 7.0.26134.0 I have no problem moving emails back and forth.

I just tried it again with a new email but it is still happening. Can’t find the email in Junk nor in Inbox nor in Trash. I’ve uninstalled and downloaded the new version but the problem is still there. I’m using 7.0.26482.0. I just updated today from version 6 to 7 and I haven’t experienced this issue before.

UPDATE: With Gmail, sometimes it may happen that the email will not be moved to inbox but to “All Mail” but upon repeating the process (junk and move to inbox), the email disappears.

unfortunately we are aware of this issue on Gmail.
Since the main folders Gmail recognizes are All Mail, Trash and Spam, Gmail can’t locate the message again once you remove it from Inbox (removing it from All Mail) and then add the Inbox label back in Spam/Trash.
The message shoud always appear in All Mail again though, it is not deleted.

We record no such issue with Hotmail. Can you please specify if your Hotmail is set up using IMAP or Exchange?


Hi, thank you very much for your response. I’m actually not sure because I used the auto setup to log in but I think it’s IMAP. Unfortunately in my case the emails I attempted got permanently deleted :(. Can’t seem to find it anywhere. I just tried it again not too long ago now. And gmail too. Apparently if the email appear back in Inbox after Junking it and moving it to inbox, and I junk it again and repeat the process, the email just get permanently deleted. This issue does not happen in the outlook website or gmail website so I just thought that it was the program’s bug hence this post. Same for gmail, it gets deleted from all mail. Unfortunately.

Thanks again for the help. 

Hello Naufal,
is the message lost even if you search for it on gmail webmail interface?
Do you synchronize your messages for offline use? Check this setting in Menu>Tools>Accounts under the IMAP tab of your gmail account.
You can also check the setting of your Hotmail account here.


Unfortunately, I can’t find the email in the gmail webmail interface too. Nope for both gmail and hotmail accounts, I don’t synchronize for offline use. Hotmail is also IMAP

As I wrote above with 7.0.26134.0 my Hotmail accounts(have 4 account)  with IMAP setting have no problem moving emails back and forth to or from any folders.

Two emails from my hotmail account disappeared last week after moving them from junk to inbox to another folder. I’m using IMAP syncing for offline use in eM Client 7.0.26687.0.