Problem loading signature images from google drive

When I reboot my computer EM Client loads up fine automatically but it takes a minute or two for the Google Drive to load up and my signatures then do not have the saved images in them as I guess it loads them in EM Client immediately but can’t find the images without G Drive having finished starting.

I then need to add all images again which with about 15 email accounts is painful.

I can set EM Client to not automatically load but I normally do this on a BIOS boot schedule so my emails are loaded ready first thing when I get to work.

I guess I delay the starting of EM Client with a script but just wondering if anyone has any other thoughts or suggestions?

We changed this is version 9 so the images can now be embedded in the signature code, rather than be linked to a file on the device.

Edit the signature and remove the image. Then open the original image in Windows Photos or whatever app you use, copy it, and paste that into the signature.

Easy peasy! Thanks.

blah blah blah as I need more characters apparently.

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