problem load database

hello I have a problem with a mail box in em client, it was updated to the most recent version of em client, but when I opened it and no email appears, I check the em client folder and create a subfolder with several numbers and letters and Inside this is the mail_data.dat file with the emails I need to see, try to put this folder in the storage configuration, how can I open this .dat file and be able to see the emails thanks.

Maybe they are in Local Folders, which are not visible. If Local folders aren’t visible select to show them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General

If you have this option enabled, I attach images of my problem help me?

You can’t view the emails within a dat file. Also you can’t move files around within the profile directory in order to include them in local folders.

Local Folders are viewed within eM Client.

Greetings just do not appear any mail, in any folder that can be?

greetings and I see some emails, but they are old 2016, do not know if when you update subfolders are created like the image? and how can I do to upload mail_data.dat files from these folders where this year’s emails should be? Thank you

You cannot move items around in these folders. If you do, you surely will break the database and not see any emails at all. Best bet is to close explorer and not open it again.

Restore a backup from when last eM Client was last displaying your emails, and go from there.

manual folders have not been moved, what was done was to update version, someone to know why these folders are created? thanks.