Problem importing outlook 2010 PST

I have various .pst files from outlook 2010 installed in the same machine where I recent installed eM Client 5.0 and when I try to import with “selected PST data file” eM shows that there is no elements; shows only the deleted folder with (0) elements and any item was imported.
I verified each PST reopening outlook and verifyng they are ok and with elements.
5 PST with sizes from 700K to 2.5GB

Can someone help me with this??


could you please send us one of the PST files? You can send it directly to my colleague Mr. Bambuch at [email protected]. Please enclose description of your problem. Thank you.

same problem here, I have (18) items in the inbox that em client says is in there but when imported either just the .pst file or as an account, It only shows 1 email. Additionally, other folders of this (POP) account have 1336 emails in outlook yet 1333 in em client. how should I go about finding 3 emails out of 1300?

furthermore, its a little confusing and disappointing that someone would have this problem and need to send YOU their .pst file which besides being very large probably, you have access to their emails… something just doesnt seem right with that. There probably should be some other troubleshooting to correct this problem because I sure as heck wouldnt send you my emails in an effort to fix a problem with em client…