Problem Importing Outlook 2000

I am currently using XP with MS Outlook 2000 Work group and I get security certificate notices every new connection (Bell Canada, sympatico). As such I have downloaed eM Client and installed free license. Outlook is my default & is operational.

When I try to import all files I get exception 2147467259.

When I try to import a file (*.wab) the contacts do not show

did you try to set Outlook as a default one?

Ooops last part of my question states, that I have Outlook set as my default.

2nd error message: “An error occurred when trying to import data: System.AccessViolationException. Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. etc”

Went back to check XP internet options Outlook was not default - changed as require - message says Outlook not installed

Forget it … moving on