Problem forwarding email

When I try to forward an email, an email I may have just received, it sometimes takes up to 52 seconds after I click Forward until I see the email I am forwarding and can begin to type my message.

That is totally unacceptable so how do I fix the problem?

Dick Moutray

This can be caused by a eg: slow mechanical (non SSD) drive or a hard-disk where the internal hard-disk cache may not be working very well and so taking alongtime to show the forward window.

This could also happen if you eg: don’t have enough physical ram and the OS is maybe then running on virtual ram & struggling so then taking alongtime to show the forward window.

Apart from that you eg: might have some local account database problem with eM Client and might need repairing or removing and re-adding. All depends on how long it’s been like that.

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