Problem downloading old mail

i think I have set something up incorrectly. I use imap for gmail and pop for another account. I am fine for a few months then for some reason a thousand emails for the 3 months before from the pop account comes into my inbox,(which I have already had) how do I stop this?

Maybe some setting on the server has been changed. Please send us your IMAP and POP logs. Thank you.

I’m not sure how to do that. I have a gmail account which syncs with em client via imap. I have a pipex account with pop enabled within gmail and pipex with imap enabled with em client. I need both emails to sync with gmail and em client

When did you enable the pipex account in Gmail? It could be the reason why you get duplicate emails.

I need to access the pipex ones in gmail when I am away from the computer. If I disable the pipex account in gmail can I still send from there etc?

If you have added your pipex account as alias to Gmail, deleting pipex account from your settings (Check mail from other accounts) will not affect it.

Edit: I am not sure if your messages are saved on the original server, so I recommend you to back them up.