Problem dismissing icloud calendar reminder


I created an icloud calendar event in eMclient 7.0.30068.0 with a reminder.  When the reminder pops up, I click “dismiss all”.  It gives me an error message “failed to upload the item” and tells me the “server returned the following error: Forbidden”.  It asks if I want to delete the item locally or ignore.  If I click either, the reminder pops up again a few minutes later.  I deleted the event both in eM client and on my iPhone but this message still continues to pop up.  This does not seem to happen with any other calendar event, just this one.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Anyone out there have a solution?  I’ve tried deleting the account completely and adding it again - the reminder still pops up.  I’ve tried uninstalling em client, deleting all the stored local data, reinstalling em client and it STILL pops up.  eM client is great, but this is so annoying I’m going to give up on it unless someone has a solution

First, update your eM Client to the latest version.  7.0.30068.0 was a very problematic version that was eventually pulled by the company.

I suggest using version 7.1 also.  Your 7.0 license works on 7.1 as well.

If doesn’t work, then…

When you uninstall eM Client, it does not delete the data, so when you reinstall it will use the same data file,  Try this:

  1.  Close eM Client
  2.  Rename the following directory c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client to eM Client_Old (note this is a hidden directory, so make sure you have Show Hidden Items checked in Windows Explorer).
  3.  Start eM Client.  It will create a new, blank database which you can re-sync.